Experience Specialist, Customer Crazy Designer.

Christina is a highly technical, data-driven Product Designer and Researcher with an excellent track record in leading customer-centric strategies. Trusted with her autonomy, she's able to serve her customers, within a multi-billion dollar businesses, across multiple teams, while using lean and agile methodologies.

Christina specializes in innovation, iOT, and companion apps. Christina is known for her ability to coach and grow high performing neuro-diverse IT talent.

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How Does Christina Work?

Christina combines lean product design and agile development. She can create processes that work for both your UX Unicorns and Cross Functional UX teams.


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What are colleagues and clients saying about Christina Kay?

  • Matt Carey, EVP & CIO at the Home Depot

    “This research is being used to scope and sequence multi-year technology roadmaps with the ELT and anchoring the overall transformation of the customer and associate experience. This work received accolades from all involved parties including the Compact Power and Rental Business unit leadership who praised the team for helping inform the most valuable work for the upcoming years.”

    Matt Carey, EVP & CIO at the Home Depot
    The Home Depot
  • DeHaven Prillerman, Digital Transformation and Innovation Manager
    *yelling and pointing towards Christina at Waffle House*
    This is the smartest woman I know!!
  • Abriel Shipley, UX Designer
    I have the pleasure of being her mentee, learning about UX research skills, while developing a UX strategy for a project we’re working on together. She is very patient, empathetic, and caring towards how I learn and always encourages me to give her feedback and ask questions.
  • Matthew Wells, Online Merchant
    ”You know what I like? Disneyworld. If you don’t like Disneyworld, I don’t like you." *points at Christinas research* “This is my Disneyworld.”
  • Manoj Tilve, Product Experience Sr. Portfolio Manager
    “I’m nicknaming you the Crusher. You seriously slammed the research, findings, and convening the information.”
  • Rob Poppell, Product Designer
    "Of all her strengths, I’m most impressed by her ability to make deep and meaningful relationships with team partners. She is personable and diplomatic, yet bold in championing the needs of end users.
  • Robert Ross, VP of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology
    ”You conceived, designed, and delivered a product for a billion dollar organization, ... and had your approach proven right by research."
    Robert Ross, VP of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology
    Stanley Black & Decker

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