Christina Plumb

Staff Enterprise User Experience Designer

Current Role & Responsibility

  • Fierce Online Customer and Store Associate user experience advocate across the rental portfolio.  
  • Created and manages continuous user experience reporting metrics and methods that optimizes the distribution of the user experience portfolios KPI’s.  
  • Coaches, mentors, and leads group facilitation and design thinking exercises. 
  • Developed and manages a complete playbook of user experience standards, methods, templates, facilitation frameworks that streamlines communication and organization with teams, partners, and stakeholders. 
  • Executive producer that tracks the Rental UX portfolios production backlogs, and timelines for the inventory, online, store, and contract experiences.  
  • Defines research approaches and metrics while working across teams and core stakeholders on research budgeting and planning. Develops innovative and flexible new approaches to measure user’s experiences, especially within company restrictions caused by the COVID19 pandemic.
  • Builds and executes impactful research programs that collect data from the rental customer experiences and operational experiences, reporting key findings and actionable insights across teams and partnerships.

The Home Depot

Lead Enterprise User Experience Designer
June 2018 - Current
Objective: Evangelize user research across The Rental Center's portfolio
Method: Lead the discovery and analysis of the ‘Rent Online’ and ‘Store of the Future’ research projects, so that the user experience team could connect the dots across the portfolio, by illustrating actionable insights from the data collected to their balanced teams members, business partners, and key stakeholders.
Key Result: 155 Associates, 3,333 Customers, and 17k+ data points. “This research is being used to scope and sequence multi-year technology roadmaps with the ELT and anchoring the overall transformation of the customer and associate experience. This work received accolades from all involved parties including the Compact Power and Rental Business unit leadership who praised the team for helping inform the most valuable work for the upcoming years.” - Executive Homer from Matt Carey
Objective: Increase the operations and consistency of The Rental Center's UX teams communication to partners and stakeholders
Method: Crafted scalable frameworks and templates across the portfolio and taught designers to use those tools by modeling and demonstrating their use. Paired both individually and as a group with experience designers so that they could continue adding value by iterating on the communication artifacts.
Key Result: Led the creation of 26 research templates and 11 workshops so that the team’s user experience insights are easier to find, consume and understand. Acculturated a deeper understanding of our customers and associates across the portfolio. The product management teams adoption of color coding user types on roadmaps.
Objective: Evangelize design thinking across The Rental Center's portfolio
Method: Coached and paired with Home Depot team members (UX, engineering, product management, and partners), facilitating design thinking workshops across the rental portfolio so that they might ideate, align and learn as a balanced product and business team.
Key Result: Facilitated 35+ workshops across the rental portfolio. Key partners (Anika Wharton, Brandon Hively, Ryan Keller) continue to request that the user experience team lead workshops across their businesses. This drives alignment and improves communication with: users, operational groups, product, IT, leading to a collective understanding of their customer’s and associate’s needs.
Objective: Mentor technical skills and effective communication to The Rental Center’s UX designer
Method: Coached and mentored user experience designers to effectively communicate the discipline of user experience to engineers, product managers, and senior leadership. Inspired them to continue doing their best by meeting them where they were at and pairing 1:1 to teach new technical skills and effective methods of communication.
Key Result: 1,700+ hours of pairing with the Rental UX team. In a 1:1 Bridgette Krauter, ROPIS Product Management Manager expressed that she was, “Impressed with the team’s development the past year.” Andrew Jones, Sr. User Experience Manager shared that, “The readout was professional, on point, had good demeanor, and we were prepared.” Ryan Keller and Brandon Hively, Tool Rentals operational partners sent a message expressing, “Thanks to your team’s research we are blowing up our priorities.”
Objective: Teach design thinking to Home Depot corporate associates and interns
Method: In partnership with Amanda Jurek, Technology Coordination Manager at OrangeWorks, created UX Meow, a design sprint program focused on modern software design and development practices. Founded a bootcamp that teaches associates and interns to solve a problem submitted by a Home Depot business team by using the UX Meow design sprint methodology.
Key Result: 2 cohorts, 15 completed design sprints, 17 interns who gain valuable background and discover on their projects, 36 volunteers who learned how to conduct a design sprint, 3 new leadership development opportunities for Staff UX Designers.
Objective: Identify opportunities to improve the productivity of merchants.
Method: Measure against IBM task based analysis as a baseline & conduct generative research.
Key Results: Identified opportunities that would increase the amount of time merchants have for their personal development and category strategy.
Objective: Understand our customers expectations when purchasing a custom product.
Method: Design and conduct a research program to assess the current state of our retail customers and store associates expectations.
Key Results: An understanding of customer expectations at a retail speciality store when purchasing a complex, customizable product. This study is used to inform: Online Selling (how we funnel customers into the store), Specialty Store-Operations (what the in-store environment is like for our customers), and Store-Selling (what the selling experience is like when a specialist and customer work together).
Objective: Evangelize experience design to the millwork merchandising team.
Method: Learn domain, consolidate learnings across multiple domains, identify gaps in the research and solutions.
Key Results: Category Merchant working directly with the user experience on a consultative basis. Research funded that helped the business understand their customers expectations.
Objective: Ship a pilot product to 4,200 stores.
Method: Establish success metrics, test with end users.
Key Results: Reduced the number of errors in our customers quotes by 11%, shipped to 4200 stores.

Stanley Black & Decker

Principal Experience Designer of Emergent Technologies
Objective: Evangelize UX Design in Emergent Technologies to C-Suite.
Method: Conceptualize and deliver several prototypes using emergent technologies.
Key Results: Recruited and trained an innovation design team to establish experience design processes and standards for emergent technologies.
Objective: Deliver a sound-mark for Stanley Black&Decker
Method: Iterate with stakeholders, sound production team, and customers. Use brain wave data to identify customer likability and memorability of different sound-marks.
Key Results: Designed and delivered a sound-mark based on empirical evidence collected from our customers brain waves and survey data.
Objective: Reduce cost, improve quality, and increase accessibility of research and testing.
Method: Analyze business value, research testing and research needs, research equipment.
Key Results: Improved 20+ applications used by Stanley Black&Decker customers and reduced the cost of usability testing by 80%.
Objective: Conceive & pitch two emerging technology opportunities to the executive leadership team.
Method: Use the eXo framework to generate 15 ideas. Use research and testing to validate ideas, narrow to two. Build functional prototypes for two validated ideas. Present to executives shark-tank style for funding.
Key Results: (a) 4m funded for AI Security Product that would increase the resolution of a threat detection notifications forwarded to our customers. (b) 2m funded for audio and video free biometric baby monitoring that would decrease customers fears of hacking and perversions.
Objective: Conceptualize, design, and deliver a scalable companion app (measurements, floor-plans, photo markup, cloud file storage) for hand tools and storage utilizing BLE.
Method: Lean product design and agile development.
Key Results: Designed a companion iOT app that allowed customers to save their project details and manage multiple connected tools.
Objective: Design a POC companion app for a torque wrench utilizing BLE.
Method: Collaborate directly with iOT engineers to build functional app.
Key Results: Crafted a guided experience POC iOT app used for concept testing with customers.
Objective: Design a companion app for industrial construction equipment utilizing GPS LTE & BLE.
Method: Collaborate directly with iOT engineers to build functional app.
Key Results: Crafted a guided experience POC iOT app used for concept testing with customers.
Objective: Build a User Experience Team
Method: Creating a staffing strategy, learn career planning, construct growth plans.
Key Results: Staffed, trained, and mentored a team of 10+ UX designers.
Objective: Roll off consulting group, deliver: project, cart, video chat, vendor portal, admin portal to market.
Method: Conducted the first usability test weeks before launch, provided insightful feedback and iterated on features with developers that improved our customers experience before going to market.

Other Experience

User Experience and Digital Marketing Consultant
Hazel May
User Experience, Product Design and Digital Marketing Consultant
Apple One
Product and Event Coordination Assistant
Seal Sign
Graphic Designer, Sign Maker, Sign Installer
Digital Gears
Junior Web Designer
San Juan Unified School District
Student Editor of the Rio Americano High School Website
08/01 - 05/03